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                                            Dolce & Salata - Cnr Douro & Hampton Roads, South Fremantle
                                            Cold Rock - Next to Millenium Theatre, Frematle
                                            Dolce Vita Gelato - 8 South Tce, Fremantle - Cappucino Strip

                                           Ben & Jerry - 13 South Tce, Fremantle - Cappucino Strip            
                                            Gelatissimo Fremantle - 62 Market Street, Fremantle


Fremantle is a fun place to be -  many things to do and see. Whale watching, golf, swimming, lovely restaurants, museums and best of all so many people producing music, art, food and fashion. A hot spot of culture and vibrant creative life.

Fremantle Arts Centre: 
A visit to the grounds of this lovely old building is a must. Fantastic spot to locate just the gift to take home - FOUND at Fremantle! The historic complex is located just opposite the leisure centre on the corner of Tuckfield and James Streets. A short walk across the park from central Fremantle. Enjoy the art exhibitions, cafe and grounds. Free music in the courtyard is a feature of Sunday afternoons through the summer.

Getting around by Public Transport
The Fremantle Central Area Transit Buses (CAT)
One of the easiest ways to get around Fremantle is to use the free and frequent CAT buses (Red and Blue). Buses rus every 10 minutes in a one way route. One bus through the Cappucino Strip down South Terrace to South Beach and then return via Marine Terrace the other through the city to the east and north through central Fremantle - Hop on & Hop off with the interchange at the Fremantle Railway Station. There are also three CAT buses that serve the Perth area.  Perth CAT buses

Fremantle to Perth and beyond by Rail and Bus
Reach Perth very easily by bus or train (frequent services to Perth). All leave from the Fremantle Railway Station.

Circle Bus Route: 998 and 999 Circle Bus Route: 998 and 999

This frequent service leaves from the Railway Station and goes via South Street to Murdoch university, Fiona Stanley Hospital and Murdoch Railway Station (Mandurah line) on around Perth to Curtin University, Oats Street Station (Armadale Line), Stirling Station QE11 Medical Centre and back to Fremantle. One bus goes one way and the other the opposite.
The Fremantle Leisure Centre: gym, swimming pools for all occasions, grassed area, under cover shade, cafe
The Maritime Museum and The Shipwreck Gallery
Visit the world famous Fremantle Maritime museum. Built to represent a fully-rigged small yacht resting on a beach, this beautiful structure houses not only the history of the Swan river and Fremantle Port development but also tells the story of the second largest submarine base for the Allies in the WWII. There is a fascinating tale of piracy on the high seas told in displays in the commissariat building 
close by (The Shipwreck Gallery) - a tale of Dutch gold on the way to Batavia and shipwreck on the Abrohlos Islands just off the coast of Western Australia about 800km to the north.
Restaurants and Pubs

Many restaurants, cafes and pubs are in central Fremantle. Here are links to a few local spots, easy to reach but not in "the main drag".
Clancy's Fish Pub: music, good food, cheerful company, fishy decor
The Copper Chimney: Indian - delicious - in South Terrace South Fremantle. upmarket decor

Asian Food
Joy Kitchen: Chinese food with flair, smart decor, great location

Italian Food
La Sosta: - Italian fine dining, first floor, central, excellent pasta, friendly service

Pasta Addiction - Fast food and tasty

Activites a Little Further Afield

Rottnest Island Off the coast a short 40 minute ferry trip (ferries from E-shed in the harbour) - visit this delightful holiday spot. See unique animals and birds such as the quokka and osprey. Visit the tunnels and do a historic tour, take a bus around the island, scuba to see wrecks on this sometimes wild coast and the most southerly coral at Little Salmon Bay. No cars allowed or domestic pets such as cats and dogs.

Ballooning Sail quietly above the pastures, fields and the River Avon in a magnificant balloon. Easily reached by a drive from Fremantle to Northam (about 1.5 hours). Experience the fun of coming to rest in a field and helping, both when the balloon is being inflated and then again to pack the balloon away. Forget the internal combustion engine and experience peace, clouds, sky and distant vistas! Enjoy a magnificant breakfast with a celebratory glass of bubbles.

 Penguin Island - dolphins as well! A must do trip. This island, is attached at low tide to the coast, a short 25 km to the south. An interesting and educational day for young and old. See a wide variety of water birds and learn about their habits and the natural ecology of our coastal environment.

Whiteman Park  Fill the day with fun for all the family, trains, native animals, picnic areas with children's playground. Farm activities.

Perth Zoo In South Perth, just off the main road, our world-class zoo is a good day's outing where you can see all the animals of australia and the world. Learn about our involvement with endangered species breeding programs. See all Australian animals in their natural habitat.

Whale Watching and Sailing A chance to see these magnificent mammals pass along our coast as they progress to and fro from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic to the quiet birthing waters in our northern coast. Drift on the briny -at one with nature, only the smell and sound of the ocean and the wind!

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